Aimed at children from 3 months to 3 years old, the daycare center is characterized by the high quality of the care and well-being of our children, as well as by the applied pedagogical practice, which is based on the structural principles of the Modern School Movement.

These principles are centered on a democratic pedagogy where the child is fully respected. Their voice is the engine of learning, as well as their interests, which flourish in an environment of interaction and cooperation with others.

At the daycare center, it is also important to guarantee that the child's daily experiences and routines ensure the satisfaction of their needs (physical and emotional) and that, through a stimulating environment, their interests guide them in building their identity and their learning. The child takes an active and participative role, collaborating and expressing their interests and exercising their autonomy.

This learning positively influences self-esteem and encourages the child to have a healthy self-image, from a socio-constructivist perspective.

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