Modern School Movement

(Niza, 1998, p. 82).

The pedagogical paradigm of Creche & Aparece, as an educational course of action, is the Model of the Modern School Movement (MEM). This is a pedagogical model based on a democratic practice in the management of activities, materials, time and space, and is intended, through the action of the educators who are part of it, to provide a democratic experience and the personal and social development of children, ensuring their participation in the classroom and in the management of school life.

Based on cooperative and constructivist learning, children build new knowledge and structure their thinking to adequately communicate the knowledge they have acquired in different curricular areas (personal and social training, knowledge of the world, and expression and communication), becoming aware of the advantages of cooperation with others.

This learning structure is based on the 3 subsystems defined by the Modern School Movement:

Systematic communication circuits Educational Cooperation Structures Democratic Participation
  • Children are a source of knowledge
  • Share what they know, as they know how
  • Communicate informally on a daily basis, and formally in communications, presentations, exhibitions
  • Planning / Reflection / Evaluation
  • Carrying out activities and projects in partnerships
  • Shared organization
  • Cooperation
  • Free expression
  • Children´s critical capacity