About us

The rapid pace of modern life leaves parents with progressively less time to share with their children and to give them the attention they require for their development. Thus, the day care center emerges as an institution of great importance in the lives of children and in the evolution of their personality, although the intention is never to replace the parents.

Our mission

The main mission of Creche & Aparece is to develop a project of excellence in the area of early childhood education (day care - 3 months to 3 years old) and kindergarten (from the ages of 3 to 6 years old), which is both innovative and differentiating, and that meets the needs of children and parents. We provide children with the opportunity to discover and experience new paths in safety and with autonomy, so as to develop COMPETENT, RESPONSIBLE, MOTIVATED, AUTONOMOUS, SYNERGETIC, PROACTIVE, SOLIDARY and above all, HAPPY children!

We wish to guarantee a participative role for everyone, safeguarding the child´s well-being and fostering the family´s involvement in the daily education of their children.

Our pedagogical practice is based on the Modern School Movement (Movimento da Escola Moderna) where we focus on learning that is significant to all the children and where circuits of communication, structures of educational cooperation and direct democratic participation are the focus.

Creche e Aparece has been forging a path of excellence as a facilitating agent for the personal and intellectual development of its children.


At Creche e Aparece, our objectives consist of:

  • Stimulating the global development of the child, respecting their individual characteristics;
  • Developing communication and expression (motor and plastic expression, language);
  • Promoting the social and personal development of the child as a citizen;
  • Fostering socialization by stimulating the integration of the child with others and the environment;
  • Creating conditions for integration of children in the group;
  • Fostering group activities as a factor in the development of socialization;
  • Internalizing routines;
  • Desenvolver capacidades de autonomia;
  • Promoting habits of hygiene;
  • Using the sensory capacities of the body for the apprehension of objects;
  • Developing language and fostering dialogue;
  • Stimulating imagination and creativity;
  • Using different expression techniques;
  • Developing notions of time and space;
  • Stimulating visual-motor coordination;
  • Developing global and fine motor skills;
  • Discovering people, animals, objects and the world in general;
  • Developing and stimulating attention and concentration;
  • Stimulating sensitivity and respect for others;
  • Encouraging family participation;
  • Screening for maladaptation, deficiency or precocity so as to promote optimal guidance and direction for the child.