In the Kindergarten, integrating children from 3 to 6 years old, we also abide by the democratic, sociological and communicative assumptions recommended by the Modern School Movement pedagogical model.

In this sense, the pedagogical practice is carried out with the participation of the children, which allows the group to benefit from the diversity and the skills of each child, in a sharing process that facilitates learning and development.

The educator, having the sensitivity to welcome, value and understand everything the child encompasses, takes into account their questions, observations, silences, joys and sorrows, and makes this the focus of their work, taking into account the Curricular Guidelines for Pre-School Education as defined by the Ministry of Education. This practice is operationalized through the Modern School Movement Model, where children feel independent, confident and autonomous, being free in their choices and in their creativity.

It is in this way that we guarantee an adequate, globalizing and integrating educational response, which ensures the happy and balanced development of each child, facilitating the discovery of their identity, and thereby contributing to their social integration.


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